About Us

We are Zizi Institute! A Skills Development Company offering industry-relevant training short courses and qualifications.

A Skills Development Company established in 2010, recently the company went through major development changes, including rebranding from its commonly known name Zizi Training to Zizi Institute (Pty) Ltd.


Having a meaningful impact on people’s lives has always been and continues to be at the heart of the company. To achieve our purpose at Zizi Institute of having a positive impact on people’s lives, the company offers industry-relevant training short courses and qualifications.

To ensure that we offer quality, industry-relevant training, we have partnered with numerous accreditation bodies and international learning organizations, these include South African Department of Higher Learning (DHET), Media Information Communications (MICT SETA), Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB), International Computer Driving License (ICDL), Microsoft Learning Partner and Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA).

Responding to the high levels of financial literacy in South Africa, the Founder of Zizi Institute, Sazi Gcume, an advocate for financial independency implemented Consumer Financial Education projects across the country. The company’s training offerings has since expanded to include also learning programmes in Information Technology.

Targets Reached

We deliver tailored CFE programs in line with your organizational objectives to address the above challenges. We ensure that you as a funder, can clearly allocate your expenditure to the real meaningful difference.

This is done through planning, recruitment of participants, and delivery of face-to-face (as well as online) workshops on time and within budget.

Our Clients

Our clients range from corporate companies, government agencies and individuals with an interest to empower their team or themselves through skills development.

As a skills development company, we aim to empower our global community with an education and skills that are simply accessible.